Introducing the practice of Doing Philosophy

The modern notion of the human was grounded in two differentiations: On the one hand, humans were said to be more than nature; on the other, they were said to be different from mere machines. The outcome of these differentiations was an experience of reality as composed of three separate ontological realms: human things, natural things, and technical things.

⁠Today, this understanding of reality fails us.
⁠Technology has created realities – and possibilities – that have outgrown the neat distinctions between human, nature, and technology.

To us, these realities and possibilities are incredibly exciting and liberating. Call it the power of technology to create the philosophically new. Call it the becoming philosophical of technology itself.

Realizing this novel power of technology requires a novel approach: To practice technology in order to probe its potential to break with the old and enable the new.

The practice of Doing Philosophy.